Avanti Leather Commitment to the environment:

Avanti Leather commitment is that leather, a product and fabric of nature, should be produced in complete harmony and respect to the earth and its natural eco-system.

Avanti Leather was established in 1992 supplying leather from New Zealand then expanded its sourcing of leathers to Italy.

Avanti Leather only source leathers from tanneries based in Italy that produce under strict low emission mineral tanning procedures combined with elaborate recycling and water purification systems in place. In addition, all of our leathers are produced under the stringent environmental standards of the EU.

Over the years tanning processess have come under intense scrutiny by Governments and Environmental groups.

As a result the Governement nation members of the EU have imposed strict environmental conditions on existing tanneries with specific aims to reduce and control emissions resulting out of the tanning process.

These conditions not only include the chemicals that are used by tanneries but also the energy required by tanning factories to produce leather.

Italian tannerie have met the challenge and invested heavily in implementing filtering systems and adjusting their tanning methods to meet these stringent standards. In fact environmental impact of leather production and the development of methods and machinery to meet these conditions are at the forefront of educating students of leather at their colleges.

The result of this hevy investment is that some uneconomical and non environmentlly safe tanneries were forced to shut down while others have seen little or no significant increase in the cost of producing environmentaly safe leathers.

Avanti Leather and it's suppliers are committed to the goal of sourcing and producing leather that has no or minimal impact to our eco-system.

Avanti Leathers source their leathers only from Tanneries that are certified to produce leather with little impact on our environment and continually seek articles that are produced with this as the foremost riding principle.


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