Avanti Leather Produce specially developed leather cleaners and protectors.

These leather cleaning products are designed to clean and nourish your leather without damaging the protective coating on your leather. NO animal oils or products are used in our cleaners or conditioners. All compounds are bio dagradable and safe for the environment.

C-5 Leather Shield Cleaning Kit:

C-5 Leather Shield Cleaning Kit:

Tannery Grade leather cleaner and conditioner: Will clean and remove oil, dirt and residue off your leather without harming it. LC: Conditioner will revitalise your leather by adding moisture content and will keep your leather soft, supple and protected. ...specially suited for Automotive and Marine leather seats!

As leather specialists we recommend ONLY the best products to clean and protect upholstery leathers, Avanti Leathers recommend the following products as being the best value for money and simply the best product on the market.

These products are specifically made for upholstery leathers, they are not an all purpose leather cleaner All purpose leather cleaners will damage upholstery leathers

These leather have to be maintained with cleaners that will not damage their protective coating.

Our leather cleaning products clean upholstery leathers effectively and our conditioner provide the moisture and protection that will keep your leather from drying and cracking instead leaving your leather soft and supple ensuring years of seating pleasure.

The video below will inform you how best to look after your precious leather investment along with some useful information about upholstery leather when choosing to purchase furniture covered in leather.

Do you need to remove ink off leather we have just the right product HERE



$37.95 AUD Plus $12.00 Express postage ( within Australia )

You get

1x Special leather cleaning liquid .

1 x Special Conditioning Creme

Application cloth and foam, instructions.




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