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Analine Full Grain:

This leather is completely analine or naked, and may in some cases be effect buffed to give a rustic appearance.

Features of this leather are softness, a natural look, a warm touch and varying surface textures. Natural scars, blemishes, scuffs and flaws on the grain are part of this leather's natural character. Aniline Full Grain leathers are susceptible to soiling and do not have the durability of other leathers. Some degree of discolouration may occur with normal use.

NOT Recommended for commercial environments where high traffic is anticipated.


Semi Analine:

To standardize the colour of the grain surface, a thin layer of pigment is applied to full grain leather.

This balances out the inconsistent colour and texture areas. The pigment layer increases wearing qualities - light fastness, resistance to abrasions and flexibility.

This leather type offers a good combination of comfort and easy care.


Pigmented Full Grain:

This leather has a more pigmented film, giving a protective coating which covers most minor surface scars, disease and colour variations. It has a soft, luxurious drape, whilst retaining most full grain leather characteristics, eg: smell , soft silky touch and handle.

The wear characteristics are also increased with greater pigment cover, this leather is recommneded for all types of environments with some regular cleaning maintenance reuqired.


Corrected Grain:

The grain layer of this product is almost entirely removed by buffing, then rebuilt and sealed with a combination of pigments, resins, and binders, and later embossed to recreate the surface texture. Corrected grain leather will be less natural in appearance than full grain leather, because of this process corrected leathers are more durable and resilient to scratching than are other finer leathers.

Corrected grain leathers make up over 80% of leather sold world over, this is the most suited for busy environments with regular cleaning this ltype of leather will last for years.



Nubuk is uncoated leather with the surface buffed to give a suede-like appearance.

It is very soft, with a warm feel. Nubuk leathers are susceptible to soiling and do not have the durability of other leathers. Some degree of discolouration may occur with normal use.


Antique Rub Off "Wypa":

These leathers have an underlying pigmented base, over which a heavier film of darker pigment is sprayed.

The dark overspray is removed by the furniture manufacturers by hand-rubbing or "wyping" with a solvent solution to achieve a 2 tone antique look, then they apply a sealer on the top coat for protection.

This type of leather is used in CHesterfield Lounges, Captains Chairs, Wing Chairs and period or club style furniture due to it's antique "old world charm look.


Antique or 2 tone leather:

Antique leathers have a two-tone characteristic. The underlying base is pigmented to shade , and then oversprayed with black shadow pigment for the two-tone effect. Pigment films are sealed once the desired effect is obtained. An antique leather should bear all the physical properties and characteristics of a normal pigmented leather, such as drape and handle.

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